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BNP in Birmingham City Centre 24 May Not Welcome Here!

StatementBirmingham is a great multicultural city whose diversity is one of its greatest strengths. Our children, in particular, are free to mix and learn with others from many backgrounds, enriching all our lives and making us a stronger society. On Monday 24th May there is a threat that the fascist British National Party will again demonstrate in the centre of Birmingham in support of a member who is appearing before the General Teaching Council. They will be coming to our city to spread their racist lies and sow division.

They claim they are here to protect free speech. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are coming to Birmingham to protest and disrupt because they think teachers should have the right to spread racist and Islamophobic material on the internet from the schools where they are paid to teach.

We believe our schools should be places of tolerance and learning, not ignorance and hatred. In the recent elections the BNP were soundly rejected in nearly every seat that they previously held or threatened to take.

That is why we want to make it clear to the BNP that we are the majority. We are from all communities, from trade unions, from all faiths and none. We love our city, we love our diversity, and they are not welcome here.

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The election of two members of the fascist British National Party to the European parliament marks a turning point in British politics.

Their presence threatens to normalise the BNP within the political mainstream. The fascists will use their electoral foothold to promote their bigotry in the media and whip up race hatred on our streets..

The BNP will also use its European gains as a springboard for next year's local elections and for the next general election. Neverthless, it is clear that the BNP's electoral breakthrough was acheived on the basis of low voter turnout.

A huge amount of anti-fascist activity took place in the run-up to the election and the fascist vote was held back in many areas of the country. The majority of ordinary people do not want to see racism used to divide our society. The vast majority of people are totally opposed to the fascist politics of the BNP.

We need to bring these people together and draw them into active anti-fascism in ever greater numbers. And we need to root anti-BNP activity in communities across the country, in particular Yorkshire & the Humber and the North West of England, with a view to building a campaign base in advance of next year's elections.

It is for these reasons that Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Hate Racism have called an emergency national conference in Manchester on Saturday 18 July. There will be speakers, discussion, ideas for action and a number of workshops, including ones on countering racist myths and on the media and anti-fascism.

If you are a student, trade unionist, faith group member or anti-racist of any kind, please come along or get yourself delegated from your branch or organisation.